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All my originals are painted
on cotton, mounted on a wood
frame and signed at the front.

Most of them are also
available here as prints
on cotton

If you are interested in buying or exhibiting an original painting,
please contact me at

on cotton

Dormant figures

These images explore a state of stillness and inactivity. I discovered that observing fully relaxed bodies reminded me of those extended periods of time when animals, seeds or mountains rest asleep, reducing their activity to almost none, and then one day, maybe after a very long time, they awake and start a new life.


Nude figures

"Pregnant woman with vase and ficus"
is one of my first nude figures
and a color study for a bigger painting
inspired by the shapes and writings of an artist
I have always admired:


"The forms which have had a special meaning for me since childhood have been the standing form, which is the translation of my feeling towards the human being standing in landscape, the two forms, which is the tender relationship of one living thing beside another, and the closed form, such as the oval, spherical or pierced form, which translate for me the association and closeness of the human being to landscape.
These forms also translate for me the closeness of mother and child, or the feeling of the embrace of living things either in nature or in the human spirit."

Barbara Hepworth

Les mans

These illustrations are an ode to craftsmanship.
They capture some of the steps in the process of creating a textile piece
and observe those gestures through which we connect our abstract ideas with the physical materials. 


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